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All-Bran's Journal V.4 :: Down at the Hop [entries|friends|calendar]

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fun times in 'noke [16 Aug 2008|06:20am]
[ mood | rushed ]

so this is my last official day of work..really, really!

..and it's a 7-1 shift, the earliest I've ever done. It's also with my favorite manager ever, so that makes it awesome. :)

but yeah, went to roanoke yesterday with olivia and abby to shop for some clothing deals. It went pretty well, I landed a skirt, a shirt, and a black vest. :) The way over wasn't too bad..but I've officially come to the conclusion that mapquest fails a great deal. While trying to avoid the interstate on the way home..we actually landed on it because we couldn't remember exactly what way would bring us to the non-interstate route. We actually were tempted to frolick over to blacksburg, but we fought the urge. ;)

So anywho, we're on the interstate going a whooping 2 mph (if we were lucky) because there was some kind of wreck...so I-81 wasn't as scary as we thought. The truck behind us sounded like it was going to blow up or something, though.

Sooo anywho, we get off the interstate...and then get lost again because I swear that the land must have changed since the last time I took that exit coming back from roanoke (also, mapquest fails once again). Sooo, we attempt to go into this gas station to confirm our directions..but it was abandoned. There were even cars at the pumps that were abandoned. Well damn. :(

So hoping that mapquest wouldn't fail again, we try to get into the intersection to go to 220. Well, we missed getting into the left land the first time..so we had to scoop around and try it again. After much waiting, we're finally let into the left lane as we sit at a 20 minute long red light and finally head home...after a much-deserved Wendy's/coffee break. :)

And with this entry typed, I now must be off to the wonderful world of Dairy Queen, for the laaaast time. *sniff*

oh yeah, forgot to mention we saw some dude wreck into a curb and his tire kinda rolled off into the distance.


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home stretch [12 Aug 2008|10:11pm]
[ mood | excited ]

schedule of the next two weeks or so..

tomorrow: meningitis shot, lunch with aaron
thursday: cavity filling 9:40, work 11:30-5 (LAST DAY!)
friday: roanoke excursion with olivia and abby
saturday-next friday: packing, packing, and hanging out with people/other stuff in the mean time. oh yeah, and packing.
august 23: move-in to RC and orientation!
august 27: classes start

wow, i can't believe it's like..seriously a week and a half away. I got my ghetto dairy queen boxes that i took from the box shed at work all ready to go...now to decide what to bring. I honestly feel like i should go ahead and start packing stuff up now, but at the same time it still feels a bit early...

I noticed some people on facebook seem to be all "oh gosh i'm not ready to leave yet". not me. there seriously is nothing for me here besides a smattering of friends and walmart. otherwise that, ship me off ASAP. i also don't see myself becoming the type to come back home every week end of the world. heck, i'm seriously considering maybe taking some classes next summer so i won't be bored out of my mind for three months.

it also feels extremely good to leave the good ol' drama queen behind. honestly, the drama there has just gotten worse and worse, and it's just getting really annoying. people with short tempers and snarky attitudes are making everyone else, especially including me, feel like shit. it used to actually be kinda enjoyable to work night shifts because the team that we usually had was amazing and fun. now, however, there are usually at least one or two people who make the night just kinda drag on.

i can't wait until move-in.


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alcohol? [22 Jul 2008|10:41am]
you know what makes me chuckle a whole lot?

when people (underaged) post pictures on facebook of other people (also underaged) chugging beer cans and whatnot.

don't employers and shit look at facebook and all that crap now? i mean, dear god, drink all you want, but i have a feeling smattering it all over facebook is a real dumb idea.

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so yeah [20 Jul 2008|10:38pm]
i had a really really fun day with olivia today. went to to various places, did various things, drank a lot of various drinks, and read various obscene messages on humpback bridge..

but now i'm just kinda back home and just kinda trying to pass time before i go to bed..

for one, i'm absolutely tired of working night shift at dairy queen. i really feel as though because i'm nice and whatnot, i seem to get "pushed" around a lot. i've been requesting dayshift hours since before school let out, yet the last time i had day shift was july 4. on many nights, i'm usually the one who has to close. yes, i understand that i'm probably one of the main front-liners on night shift, but damn...i'm not a freakin' manager.

did i mention i haven't had dayshift since july 4? yeah. i honestly feel like i don't have much time to see anybody except on the fews days that i have off. hell, most of the time i don't even know what days i have off until tuesday night...which kinda makes me eh. i'd like to go see a movie tomorrow, but i can't since i got put on 4-closing. apparently by requesting more daylight hours that translates too, "here, have an extra hour of sunlight."

another thing is that there is so much damn drama there that working just isn't even enjoyable to me anymore. the people on night shift now are always at each others' throats, and i just try my best to steer clear of that. people are just looking for ways to find gossip about somebody (and i'm sure somebody is probably reading this who works there..), and it's annoying. shut the hell up and just do your job, geeze. i would say a whole lot more, but like i'm said, i'm sure somebody will probably read this who would say something to somebody...

my official last day is august 12, and to be honest, i think i'm going to be done with dairy queen forever. i rather not work over breaks unless i'm really really low on money..but yeah. i'm aiming to perhaps find a new job next summer or maybe even do summer classes, i don't know.

tonight in general i just feel eh. i felt really eh earlier in the day too, despite my awesome day with olivia. i guess sometimes i just feel really lonely and just can't really do much with anybody since i don't get any dayshift hours (when everybody who sucks up enough does). i haven't been able/nor will be able to hang out with a big group of people because the only time that anybody can get together...usually i have night shift. i just really feel like shit all of a sudden and i can't quite explain why. meh.

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[02 Jul 2008|11:40pm]
So I really kinda wish that i didn't get so blah and crap so often after work, now. i don't really know why I do. i think night shifts in general (especially ones that are constant night shifts during the week) just make me feel kinda crappy once i get off because my whole day pretty much is uneventful and lame.

I feel like I can't really see anybody or hang out with them during the day because i have to work during the night. usually the only thing i ever do on days that i have night shift are go to covington by myself (emo emo emo emo). maybe it's just a bit of loneliness in general or something? stupid summer.

it might also be for other reasons, it's hard to tell

sorry this post reeks of crap. :(

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[28 Jun 2008|12:42am]
is it can be roanoke college tiem now plz? :(
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so yeah [31 May 2008|09:21am]
-Spirit Day outside is the absolute WORST idea ever...

-Losing your paycheck, canceling the paycheck, and then finding it in the backseat of your car also kinda sucks. :(

-Getting freakin' grape arctic rush all over your car because you're panicing to deliver food to a bunch of people and still have time to get to lunch REALLY sucks.

-Home made hovercrafts, however, are amazing.

-Smelling the smells of summer outside in the morning is a pretty comforting feeling.

-The thought of only have 1 real day of mandatory school left makes me extrememly happy. :)

-The thought of wisdom teeth consultation on June 9 is kinda eh.

-The thought of having every freakin' thing for every freakin' class done makes me extremely excited.

Hard to believe its almost over, but I'm really kinda glad it is. Even though I'll miss my friends dearly, its not like they're dropping off the face of the earth or anything. I'm just glad to get out of this damn school system.

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My First Semester at Roanoke College [28 May 2008|05:05pm]
All are MWF classes, except for the bio lab, which is on thursdays at 8:30.

Statistics: 9:40-10:40
Biology 120: 10:50-11:50
GST 201 (Humanities 1): 1:10-2:10
Psychology 101: 2:20-3:20

It doesn't look so bad. The dude I talked to recommended not taking both biology and chemistry first semester because they both have labs and, to quote him, "we don't want you to have too much of a workload and to do well your first semester".

Because of English 111-112, I get to take the Sophomore composition class and get that part of my general studies over with. Yay!

Also, Psychology with Dr. Adkins! YEEEES!! I took Psych instead of Spanish first because i figured that with URAP, it's kinda a big deal that I have something as a foundation.

reminder to self: get dabney transcript

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random shiz, as usual [23 May 2008|11:04pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

-English exam was definitely not as bad as I thought it would be. I did quite well on it, actually. :) only thing left is an essay due tuesday and i'm done with english

-got pulled over for the first time in my life tonight on the way back from mi amor's house. Reason? My license plate lights were apparently out (well shoot fire). This was also about..oh...less than a mile from my house. :(

-I suck at first person shooters, period, period, period.

-Lo Carb Monsters taste like bubblegum.


-Prom pictures came in. They look hot...super hot...super awesomely hot. ;)

-5 days of school left!!!!

-Scheduling for classes at Roanoke on Tuesday (by phone, btw). So far, it looks like that I'm definitely going to be taking Biology, Chemistry, and some orientation class. I'm more than likely going to take Psychology (for URAP). I'm pretty stoked, though, because English 111 and 112 replace the basic composition course. :) Depending on how that works out, i may or may not take calculus fall semester. dunno lol.


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things that are left in my high school career... [18 May 2008|02:16pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

well, with the year (as well as high school in general) winding down, it is now time to cram every frakin' thing into a span of 2 weeks...

-May 21: English 112 Exam part uno ("short" answer, otherwise known as "write-two-essays-in-90-minutes")
-May 22: Field trip to see Taming of the Shrew (no kanoodling!!)
-May 23: English 112 Exam part dos (multiple choice)

here comes the super-fun part...

-May 27: 6-page cumulative essay for Huff due (ick)
-May 28: Marine-biology presentation on oil spills due (ick ick)
-May 30: Physics project due (i'm makin' a hovercraft, betches!)

After that, it's safe to say that I'm done.

These next two weeks are going to be hellacious.


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tonight! [10 May 2008|08:19am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Before 12: Shopping at Wally World for various trinkets and whathaveyou.

12:00: Hair appointment!

12:00-4:30: Various other fun stuff/trying to keep the hair up.

5:00: Dinner at Aaron's house.

7:00: Grand March

8:00-12:00: Prooooom!!

12:00-whenever: Whatever the hell we're doing after prooooooom!!

It's going to be a great night. :D


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[19 Apr 2008|10:48pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

dear car,

stop being gay.

love, sarah

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wow, a semi good post? [13 Apr 2008|11:07pm]
[ mood | blah ]

seeing pictures from the virgin islands makes me yearn for summer...like..really really really bad. not so much the humidity of it, but just being able to wear tank tops without looking like a complete skanky ho bag and not having to worry about most of the stuff that i have to worry about at home. i'd love to be able to like..lay out in my hammock for a good few hours without having to worry about anything. in the islands, the only thing you really had to worry about was getting a sunburn, and even then you really didn't give a freak because you knew it was inevitable.

school's becoming more tedious and more annoying. no so much the work in general--just the fact that senioritis is really really catching up with me. hopefully things will look up once precalc is over with, because i'll have a whole month with a 3rd block study hall.

i also feel as though i've become really distant from many people whom i called my close friends at the beginning of the year. i see most people at AHS now as really, really just...immature. I'm really ready for college to start and to be in a new atmosphere that i can enjoy more. right now, it's just the home stretch until summer starts.

tomorrow is a monday. :(


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because i feel like i need an entry. [12 Apr 2008|12:51pm]
today: work from 2-closing

tomorrow: official homework catch-up day, highlighting mah hair

end of april: no more precalc!!!

may 10: prom! yay!

36 school days from now: the end!!

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Aaaand...she's back! *Random Memories* [03 Apr 2008|08:21am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Of course, it's going to take me forever and a day to go through ALL of the good times of St. John, but here are some random good memories that we had...that nobody else is probably going to get.

In no particular order!

-Rebecca's luggage going to San Francisco

-Candace's luggage...being left behind in Charlotte

-Taking off in the airplane!

-Sitting 4 hours at the airport.

-Emma hates Erica.

-Emma only loves Andrew because he has 15 cats.

-Feeding Emma all of our food.

-Catching lizards at VIERS.

-People trying to trip me off of the boardwalk.

-Bird poop


-Tyre Palm (our cabin) getting in trouble for laughing.

-Good, deep conversations in Tyre Palm the last night of our stay. :P

-My new nickname is now Juno.

-And my cabin mates have deemed me a freak in the sheets.


-Me tripping about 40 times during Hell Hike and busting up my knee

-EVERYBODY getting sunburned at some point during the trip.


-Donkeys in the road.

-"Sarah, everytime I come in this cabin you're always in your bra and panties infront of the window..."

-"Hey, where's Sarah?"
"I'm right here, Mrs. Kolb!!"

-It's just a hairflip.

-Excessive cussing.


-People "falling" off of the boat


-People RUNNING when they hear the dinner bell.

-Tying Natasha's turtle to the ceiling fan and watching her get really pissed, but laughing it off later.

-Dancing the whole night at Cinnamon Bay


-William getting busted for buying alcohol at Cinnamon Bay

-REALLY curvy roads and counting the number of times various vehicles dragged.

-The pack mobile!

-The ever-present sea urchins.

-The awesome, beautiful views and the summer weather. :D

-The "DIP" signs.

-My butt cheeks clenching together whenever we almost wrecked, indicating dangerous situations.

-Natasha falling into a cactus...twice...

-"Colby, your pants are on fire!!"

-People scared of doing Number 2 and waiting until JUST the right moment.

More memories to come. If any of you Marine Bio kids remember any, let me know. There's so many. :D

But overall, I had a FABULOUS time. Really tired, but it was amazing. Needless to say, I missed a few people and didn't really give a crap about others. I don't really want to go back to school, but alas, I must.

Pictures to come once I use up the rest and get them developed. :)


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paradise sounds pretty nice... [24 Mar 2008|04:16pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Holy shiz, I'm going to the Virgin Islands in less than 2 days...

let's just say, this spring break has had it's up and downs. it's balanced out. :P


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no caps [26 Feb 2008|09:45pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

it's only tuesday and i already feel dead


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this week = suck [24 Feb 2008|09:54pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

monday: work
tuesday: broadway and desserts practice
wednesday: work
thursday: broadway and desserts practice
friday: baltimore for marine biology
saturday: broadway and desserts (maybe work)
sunday: broadway and desserts (maybe work)

on top of that i have a midterm sometimes this week, an essay due on thursday (since I won't be here friday), and various stupid crap.

please just kick me in the face now.


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Some random things I've learned over the past year. [09 Feb 2008|11:28pm]
[ mood | bored ]

-Staying up until 1:30 some in the morning on a school night is a pretty good indication that you really really like somebody.

-If people look to the left, they more than likely want ice cream.

-I really know absolutely nothing about football/basketball/whatever ball. All I've ever learned I've learned from Aaron.

-Over the past 2 years I've grown exponentially "punk" in my style.

-Moolattes are NOT made with real coffee.

-Organizing by example is a bad idea.

-Mrs. Huff is the all-knowing psychic.
Enough said. :]

-It's okay to go 70 mph on the interstate.

-Male birds have no penis.

-Half-price coffee Mondays at the Shell station are amazing.

-Alexa has tapeworms.

-70% of the characters in Dubliners are gay.

-Dark eyeshadow actually doesn't look too bad on me.

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[03 Feb 2008|07:58pm]
[ mood | sick ]

-I got into the URAP program at Roanoke. Basically, I'll be working on a research project with a professor and might have the opportunity to travel to like..conferences and stuff. it's going to be so amazing!

-I burned up the power cord on my laptop. I've been kinda sick the past two days, so I cranked up the heater. The power cord was too close to the heater, thus pretty much melted. Bye bye, $61...

-I don't think much homework is going to get done tonight..

-no, i am not watching the superbowl.


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